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So happy to be up here

The Altopiano is a true paradise: an oasis of tranquillity and relax, where you can spend your most wonderful moments.
And what can be better than a meal in a mountain restaurant: landscape, good food, panorama, peace and nature?
Every day all this makes us happy: and you, would you like to try?

Kübelek and the big Guida family

Family traditions, our love for cuisine and our dedication to a warm welcome:

these are the three key pillars of our Guida family.
The hearty welcome for our guests is in the air, together with the passion for the cuisine, passed on to us by Maria Rosa and Gigi, and that we, their sons: Gianluca, Andrea and Stefano together with our families continue to transmit to our guests to make them feel truly comfortable in our home.

Our fire is always alight: the Kübelek’s love for grilling

There’s an antique hearth in the centre of the restaurant where Gigi used to grill meat on the top of live charcoal, our best dish.

Meat cooked this way acquires a unique flavour: the aroma released by the burning wood together with the spices, gives meat the authentic taste of the mountains.

Founding year

Height of the mountain restaurant

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Centimetres of fireplace

A happy team: the delicious Italian cuisine

Passion has always been the most important ingredient of our cuisine.

Every dish you taste will amaze you and will revive the best memories in your mind: our dishes smell of mountains, they smell of tradition and they transmit all that is delicious in the Italian cuisine.

To satisfy all your culinary desires we offer you our starters of salamis and home-made marinated vegetables, home-made first course dishes with traditional sauces, exceptional grilled meat and delicious side dishes and finally, tempting home-made desserts!

A rich land and genuine creativity

Maximum freshness and quality of each and every ingredient: we always prefer choosing products (0 km), favouring local products and, of course, everything that our garden gives us.

The Altopiano gives us many spontaneous products: mushrooms and herbs become the principal ingredients in the mountain cuisine. Top quality cheeses and meat represent the essence of traditional recipes and there’s, as always, a pinch of creativity!

For “large groups” but not only for them

The joy of a big dining room with a festive atmosphere that can be felt every time you come here to eat with a convivial group of friends.

But there’s also the pleasure of intimacy in a small dining room heated by a fireplace that has a panoramic window to amaze those who want to spend a romantic evening in the moonlight.

Our password is: “courtesy”

Always ready to satisfy your requests, we are at the complete disposal of our guests, making your meal at our mountain restaurant an unforgettable experience.

The best service we can give you, as we see it, is to treat you as if you were members of our family.

But with professionalism and dedication.

The wines of the Tenuta Guida large estate

The love for delicious cuisine cannot do without the love for good wine.

The Tenuta Guida large estate was founded thanks to passion, the love of a man for his land. It is in Lison di Portogruaro, a well-known wine-producing area, that the Tenuta Guida large estate has its vineyard.

Thanks to the special and wise attention and management of “Gigi”, together with the special characteristics of the soil, wines of great value, both white and red, are born to give joy to our meals.

Our wines

You can find them here at our mountain restaurant: to accompany your meal here or you can buy them and take them home to accompany the convivial moments with your family. That’s a certainty!

Our wines

You can find them here at our mountain restaurant: to accompany your meal here or you can buy them and take them home to accompany the convivial moments with your family. That’s a certainty!